About us

effiQueenc heating and cooling systems: high-performance and environmentally friendly

effiQueenc heating and cooling systems were developed with maximum energy savings and environmental sustainability in mind.

We conduct extensive R&D on high-efficiency air-to-water heat pumps, energy storage tanks, and hydronic heating and cooling fan coils to find solutions specially adapted to North American climatic conditions.

We source from leading manufacturers to provide the best products on the market. Based on proven technologies that have been in use for decades in Europe, our heating and air conditioning systems are tested and certified by CSA- and UL-accredited testing laboratories to stringent Canadian and U.S. standards.

Why choose an effiQueenc heating and air conditioning system?



From installing our system to heating and cooling your space, our solutions save you money at every turn.


With its superior energy performance and energy storage capacity, your new system raises the bar on efficiency.

Environmental footprint

Choosing an effiQueenC heating and air conditioning unit is a concrete way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Skyrocketing energy costs got you looking for an innovative, energy-efficient hydronic heating and cooling solution?

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