effiQueenc Double-Coil Energy Storage Tank

effiQueenc Double-Coil Energy Storage Tank

Your hydronic heating and cooling system battery

Available formats

300L (80 US GAL) Model No.: EFFIRTSS-80-S2

  • (5) 1-1/2″ FNPT connections, (1) on top and (2) on each side
  • (1) Corrugated Ø 28mm 304 stainless steel coil (top 10m)
  • (1) Corrugated Ø 28mm 304 stainless steel coil (bottom 15m)

450L (119 US GAL) Model No.: EFFIRTSS-120-S2

  • (5) 2″ FNPT connections, (1) on top, and (2) on each side
  • (1) Corrugated Ø 28mm 304 stainless steel coil (top 15m)
  • (1) Corrugated Ø 28mm 304 stainless steel coil (bottom 20m)

Energy storage tank and all-in-one indirect water heater

effiQueenc energy storage tanks are specially designed with heat exchanger coils for domestic hot water (DHW) preheating or as heat exchangers for solar panels.

They are made of 304 stainless steel, which is more resistant to corrosion and more durable than steel.

The effiQueenc energy storage tank is an all-in-one appliance: energy storage tank, hydraulic separator, storage tank, and indirect water heater. It is recommended to improve the performance of most heating and/or cooling water systems such as low thermal mass boilers, biomass boilers (wood, pellets, chips, Etc.), geothermal applications and air/water heat pumps, multi-zone systems with large thermal loads, and solar energy systems.


effiQueenc energy storage tanks are welded and handled by programmable tools (robots) in a completely automated process. Automated machines are also used to weld connections to ensure consistent quality across all effiQueenc energy storage tanks.

Benefits of effiQueenc Energy Storage Tanks:

  • Minimize the number of power start and stop cycles to lessen premature equipment wear and tear and improve energy efficiency.
  • All hydronic heating systems coupled with an effiQueenc energy storage tank store energy like a battery does. For example, when demand for heating or cooling is low (such as when there is little difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures) or when the effiQueenc energy storage tank is combined with a low-power energy source, energy required will first be drawn from the charge in the tank.
  • When you add an effiQueenc energy storage tank to a hydronic heating system, you can bleed air from the system, remove dirt, and optimize circulator performance for both the energy source and distribution network.

Recommended to improve the performance of most hydronic heating systems:

  • Air-to-water heat pump
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Biomass boiler (wood, pellets, chips, Etc.)
  • Solar energy system
  • System with multiple zones or a high thermal load
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) preheating
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • (2) Preinstalled G1/2 immersion wells included
  • (1) 1/2″ connection for immersion well or temperature/pressure dial
  • (1) 3/4″ FNPT drainage connection located at lowest point of tank (tap not included)
  • Tank has 4 adjustable legs
  • (1) ¾” FNPT pressure valve connection located at upper rear of unit, designed primarily for pressure valve (valve not included)